The Mike Evans Family Foundation is a charitable organization headed up by the Pro Bowler, Ball High alum, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver, Mike Evans.

Evans tells reporters, “I’m excited to be starting my foundation, I’ve been wanting to do it for awhile now. I had to get some things together. But I’m just all about helping people. Hopefully, we can change a lot of people’s lives.”

Evans’ foundation will seek to offer financial assistance for low-income youth looking to attend college, and offer help to domestic violence victims to those affected in his hometown of Galveston.

In an interview with the, Evans describes how the basis of his foundation relates to him personally as he grew up in a household where domestic violence was present, and if it hadn’t been for his scholarship to Texas A&M wouldn’t have afforded to go to college.

Through his foundation, Evans plans to visit and serve food at women’s shelters, and give groups of children a tour of the Buccaneers facilities and gift with gift bags, “We want to start of small, but hopefully we can get as big as possible and help change a lot of kids lives and families lives too.”