2022 Scholarship Recipients

Mike and Ashli Evans have continued their mission to help encourage education through another year of the Mike Evans Family Foundation annual scholarship program. This year, they doubled the scholarship amount for recipients to $10,000 each. The following 13 recipients stood out in a pool of nearly 100 applicants:

Zachary Cagle
Texas A&M University

Ruby Carranza
Texas A&M University at Galveston

Andre Davis Jr.
University of Texas at San Antonio

Logan Theriot
Texas A&M University

Dina Fakhar
Florida State University

Lloycoia Barnum
George Mason University

Rujula Polu
Washington University in St. Louis

Taylor McDaniel
Houston Baptist University

Wishes to remain anonymous

Ngan Vu
Texas A&M University

Miles Jones
Alabama A&M University

Joel Carrasquillo
Tennessee State University

De’Ashia Jones
Howard University

“I never thought a day in my life that I could receive a scholarship from this big of a person, and this much amount of money. It’s made my family worry extremely less.”

“When I found out I received this scholarship, I broke down in tears.”

“I really just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

“I truly would not be able to attend my first semester if it was not for your generosity.”

“I work three jobs right now. Getting this scholarship took a lot of pressure off me.”